A New Paradigm for Laboratory Engagement

FedIMPACT services are designed to create a new paradigm for developing opportunities that promote the creation, cultivation and commercialization of federal lab technologies and utilization of national capabilities. We increase the success of technology commercialization by improving the quality and quantity of opportunities, recognizing along the way that flexible approaches may be required to guide the maturation of select inventions to better utilize federal resources and investments. To optimize commercialization outcomes, the services and activities we provide include:

  • Scouting technology;
  • Developing proof of concept studies;
  • Program management within the labs, acting as liaison for external parties to shepherd key development programs through to execution;
  • Securing intellectual property (IP) rights, including research agreements, options and licenses; and
  • Company formation and interim management.

Our services take into account existing federal programs and priorities, and where possible, work to identify matching contributions (cash or in-kind) from the laboratory or federal programs leveraging private capital investment.

Given the personal knowledge and track record of the professionals at FedIMPACT, the team can efficiently and effectively scout, identify and qualify technologies according to specifications set by an industry partner, whether that be sector, stage, or potential market opportunity.

Where industrial partners are conducting research contracts within a federal laboratory and may desire additional on-the-ground support of its efforts to improve the probability of a successful program, FedIMPACT can shepherd such a project through to completion.

FedIMPACT's approach to technology commercialization lowers barriers to entry, improves engagement experiences, and increases commercialization opportunities







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