FedIMPACT revolutionizes the technology maturation process to significantly increase the success of technology commercialization across the vast resources at the United States federal laboratories.

A High Throughput, Small Footprint Analytic Platform from PNNL

Structures for Lossless Ion manipulations (SLIM) is a technology platform being developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) with unique value in many different commercial applications including drug discovery, protein sequencing and clinical biomarker analysis. Developing a cost effective analytical system with a small footprint, high throughput, ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity enables use in commercial applications unattainable by conventional mass spectrometry instruments.

Defect-tolerant Materials from NREL

Patina is a novel defect-tolerant materials platform that has the potential to eliminate the need to trade-off between complexity, cost and performance for companies developing large surface area technologies and/or flexible substrates. This technology is based on work from the Department of Energy’s Center for Inverse Design.

A Synthetic Protein Technology from NREL

SynPro Is a proteomics platform called Synthetic Proteome (“SynPro”) that reveals how proteins function and interact to form complexes to enable the research and development of novel protein panels for drug discovery, diagnostics and personalized medicine. This technology is based on decades of experience in the laboratory of Mike Himmel, PhD at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

FedIMPACT builds a commercialization pathway for technologies designed to solve complex global energy, health, social and environmental problems of the 21st century.






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