IP Group Partnership

IP Group plc is a leading UK intellectual property commercialization company, working with research intensive partners to develop technology across the healthcare, biotech, cleantech and technology sectors. It offers more than traditional venture capital, providing its companies with access to business expertise, networks, recruitment and business support. IP Group’s US subsidiary, IP Group Inc., is augmenting its university partnerships by forming a pilot initiative with FedIMPACT, to identify and develop early-stage technologies with a select group of US Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories.

FedIMPACT, whose founders have spent many years in and around DOE Laboratories, will combine its insight and knowledge of the DOE network with IP Group’s unique model of commercializing early-stage technology through long-term partnerships. The initiative includes all technologies with a focus on materials, clean technology, life science, medical and human sciences, information technology, electronics, communications and robotics.

FedIMPACT and IP Group, Inc. are teaming up to identify, incubate and commercialize promising technologies developed within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory network



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