The journey from basic research to market impact is complex and involves numerous and sometimes difficult steps. While federal policies encourage the transfer of federally-developed technologies to private industry, universities and local governments, the process can break down at any point along the way.

FedIMPACT revolutionizes the technology transfer process to significantly increase the success of technology commercialization across the vast resources at the United States federal laboratories. Our goal is to build a commercialization pathway for technologies and innovations designed to solve complex global energy, health, social and environmental problems of the 21st century and to create a sustainable technology commercialization program that rewards foresighted investors, industrial collaborators, creative management and outstanding inventors.

FedIMPACT acts as a neutral liaison that brings laboratory insight and relationships, industry alliances, and a unique technology maturation process to better utilizes federal resources and investments. We help our industry partners to efficiently gain access to world-class federal research facilities, to collaborate with federal labs for technology research and development and to mature innovative technologies. Scientists focus on cutting edge research and invent solutions while FedIMPACT works with technology transfer organizations within the federal laboratories to identify, track and develop select opportunities with an eye toward rapid and efficient commercialization. FedIMPACT allocates resources and manages development in a coordinated and efficient way maximizing returns for all stakeholders.

FedIMPACT's approach to technology commercialization lowers barriers to entry, improves engagement experiences, and increases commercialization opportunities and positive outcomes.

FedIMPACT improves and accelerates the creation, cultivation and commercialization of federal technology innovation by bridging the gap between industry, investors, research and technology transfer.





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